Saturday, 10 November 2007


11 November - Armistice Day - Remembrance Day - Poppy Day

France 1914

Burma 1944

Egypt 1951

Iraq 2006

Afghanistan 2007

Perhaps one day we'll learn


  1. Just back from singing La Marseillaise followed by apéritif, aptly named verre de la mémoire. Have older friends from Jersey so am not like a lot of ex-pats who somehow seem to feel morally superior, BUT it is nice that the 3 people from my village who voted FN daren't make any of their usual snide comments about house prices to-day. Raising my glass to the cousins I should have had.

  2. Let's certainly hope that we'll learn some day soon, before we've destroyed everything....

  3. Here the day's name has changed to Veteran's Day - still an honorable name - but I believe the most appropriate is the name for the day in Dutch : Wapenstilstand. You can probably figure out the English.

  4. Hi j, I'm a bit shocked that people could feel morally superior at this time. There but for the grace etc...

    Yes captian, we have to keep hoping.

    janeway, it took me a while I have to confess because I didn't associate wapen with weapon. But I've got there and yes, it's a good name.

  5. Very illustrated and informative post. Yes; lets hope we learn some day!


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