Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Winter colour

Winter is not all grey.

tree colours

Birch, willow and a couple of evergreens.

alder catkins cones

The red catkins and cones on an alder.

ash tree seeds

Ash seeds dangling over the water.

spikes of seeds

I don't know what this riverside shrub is but I liked the shape the branches make against the backgound of the water.

bunch mistletoe

A spherical bunch of mistletoe suspended over the river.

red berries evergreen leaves

An evergreen bush overhanging from a garden. Quite a few of the red berries had already gone, to the birds I presume.

round prickly fruits plane tree

Fruits of a plane tree. There seem to be a lot of them this year.

red berries in cases

I love these last berries. They seem to be oozing from their coverings or cases. There's something almost voluptuous about them. If anyone knows what they are, I'd love to know.


  1. these pictures are stunning. such natural beauty!!!

  2. A few of us at work had this same train of thought the other day. We talked about all the color and change winter bring which makes it just a pretty as spring time!

    You have a great eye for capturing a good shot!


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