Saturday, 9 February 2008

Do you care?

If you visit RennyBA's blog, and it is worth a visit at any time, you will find a post about how one man who works for CARE, is raising money in Norway.

"Globally poverty has a woman's face"

In many of the poorest countries where men have been killed by war and AIDS, women are the heads of households. Empowering women allows them to help their families and communities escape poverty.

You may be able to help. Please do.


  1. Thanks so very much for adding your voice A. - your such a great supporter - I've updated my post with a link to yours too of course!

  2. RennyBA does a great job for Care here!

  3. Hi a. --

    Apologies for going off-topic but here's inviting you to take part in the following meme:-


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