Monday 4 August 2008

Bridges between

The Llanthony lift bridge opening at Gloucester Docks, to allow the return of a boat trip to the National Waterways Museum. It leads out to the Gloucester and Sharpness canal.

The first bridge at this site was a wooden swing bridge built to carry Llanthony Road over the new docks when they were constructed in 1794. This was replaced in the 1860s with an iron swing bridge, which carried a rail line linking the Midland Railway which had a line on the east of the docks with the Great Western Railway which ran into the west of the docks.

The survival of the old warehouses in the dockyard has made an ideal location for filming historical drama, and many scenes for the popular television series The Onedin Line were filmed in front of Biddle Warehouse. In recent years new uses have been found for the warehouses and the docks are developing as a popular leisure area. A pleasant place to visit.

Bridges Between participants.

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  1. I love bridges and harbours, so your picture is just perfect for me. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. An old bridge with a special history - even a TV-personality. I enjoyed that.

  3. Very nice bridge. I like it. And a very interesting story:)

  4. An excellent post about an interesting bridge.

    This is the first time I've encountered "embedded comments" so won't comment on the comments!

  5. Very i9nformative.

    (I will have to go to Blogger in Draft tos ee what youa re tallking about on the embedded comments.)

  6. Great shot and a very interesting story.

  7. Not just a (great) picture, but a most interestine background story.

  8. Loved the pics and enjoyed reading this post. Interesting project!!

  9. Isn't it wonderful how these bridges serve us and then sometimes have o get replaced but we still have great memories.

  10. i guess both building (bridge and museum) have a interesting stories, reminding they ages.


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