Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Out of the water

I’m baaaack!

My holiday was brilliant. There was everything necessary: sun, naps, walks, a huge amount of fun, barbecues, frivolity, romance, strangeness, discovery, all that. My holiday was fantastic and much too short. It did me so much good.

Having been given Dr Foldès' blessing on 4 July last, I was able to bathe happily in the ocean. No smarting, no burning, nothing at all. Zero. Notice, I wasn't worried, seeing that my dear intimacy was completely healed, having taken on a highly satisfying discrete size and had recovered a reassuring chestnut colour before I left Paris.

Besides, there was a major event in my progress during my summer break.

15 August is a date to mark with a milestone.
15 August was exactly six weeks of applying, every morning after my shower, a touch of JONCTUM on and around my clitoris. Six weeks, that was the duration of Dr Foldès' prescription.

So on 15 August I had done the treatment for the last time.

I have no more treatments to do. It's over, finished. I am no longer convalescent.

That seemed strange, I say that definitely. I am so much in the habit of putting substances on my clitoris that I was shaken on the morning of 16 August when, getting out of my shower, I didn't have to do it. It’s true, when you add to the six weeks that had just passed, the seven weeks of dilute iodine, four times a day, you end up with a considerable routine of intimate care. I'd got into the habit. I even thought for few moments about continuing the application of JONCTUM for a few days, just to be sure, but not having been able to work out what it was I wanted to be sure of, I let it pass.

That said, I wasn't disorientated for very long. I was very quickly veerrry happy that the healing phase was over.

I was happy but not euphoric. My reaction when I realised a page had turned was rather considered. It was more a question of satisfaction than a fierce joy. It gave me pleasure in fact. It was a big beaming smile rather than a shout of joy accompanied by leaping in every direction.

The chapter "Operation" of my reconstruction is almost over.

Almost, only.

Because, nothing in this base world, my damned stitches still haven't come out. They are a little swollen, I now know exactly where they are, I can feel them, but they're hanging on, taking root even, the bastards. And that gets on my nerves in a ridiculous way. In fact it irritates me every time I think about it.

I'm giving them exactly two weeks to give themselves up. In two weeks I have an appointment with my gynaecologist and I really hope she will get rid of them for me.

So, finally, this annoyance hasn't cast a shadow over my libido. Which blossomed by the seaside. I was the first to be surprised about it, but now I have a good appetite. Nevertheless the "interior" sensations, they are still not there. I don't know, I am rediscovering the pleasure of making love without fear of pain striking. My man is delighted.

Really, the holiday did me good.

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