Saturday, 24 February 2007

Seduced [if you're over 18]

Here's one for you figleaf!

The Barbican in London this autumn is having an exhibition of art and sex from antiquity to the present. Not to be missed!

Curated by scholars Marina Wallace, Martin Kemp and Joanne Bernstein, Seduced aims to generate a lively public debate about shifting attitudes towards explicit imagery, and to question the lines drawn between art and pornography.

It runs from 12 October 2007 - 27 January 2008. Entry to visitors aged 18 and above only.


  1. Thanks for informing. This will be a very good reason to go to London.

    (I'm fed up of hypocritical people who in the name of the "good" surpress, normal human sexuality)


  2. It should be a good exhibition - fun as well as interesting. The Barbican have been updating their site I notice, with links to articles about it. Thanks Tor


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