Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Brand new header

Lissa, of a Pity I'm an Aquarius, very kindly designed this new header for me. It's taken a lot more work than I had anticipated, so thank you very much indeed lissa!

PS I'm not quite sure why being an Aquarius should be a problem ...


  1. Hi A,

    The title of my blog is actually from a song that I like which is more of a goodbye/breakup song.

    It wasn't a lot of work just needs a lot of patience. The template is more complicated than the one I used. I'm glad I actually finished it. I hate to see unfinished work.

    Anyway, enjoy the header.

    May I listed you as one of my header design blogs? It will just be a list on the sidebar and the blog header design post.


  2. Yes of course you may list me. Thank you again.

  3. Actually, I've always thought being an Aquarian was pretty cool - every since the days of 'Hair'.



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