Friday, 23 March 2007

Butterfly mind

I’ve heard people saying they have butterfly minds and I certainly have.

The chain of thoughts:

Figleaf of Real Adult Sex yesterday wrote a post about “senior” (awful word) sex which led me to remember when my younger son, aged about six, found me sunbathing topless in our back garden. He was clearly not happy about it and handed me whatever it was he wanted over his right shoulder so that he didn’t have to look. Such a compliment!

That led me on to a friend’s child of a similar age who went with his parents to the beach one summer’s day. There were people there sunbathing topless and he asked, in one of those loud penetrating whispers, “Why aren’t those ladies wearing their vests?”

And this in its turn brought me right back to my younger son and the funny things he used to say, most of which I have, sadly, forgotten. He was a very talkative boy. As soon as he discovered talking there was no stopping him. One episode I do remember was driving though a major traffic jam with just the two of us in the car. It was very slow going. He eventually said,

“Hmm, I think Daddy would say bloody.”

“I think you may be right” I said without batting an eyelid.

Another 10 minutes or so in the car getting nowhere.

A big sigh from the back seat. “I think Daddy would say hell as well by now.” I tried very, very hard not to laugh.

There was a similar incident when we were redecorating the house, and my husband had been hanging some wallpaper. Elder son aged three came rushing in to me. “Come and look, come and look”.

So we went to look and he proudly pointed to one strip of wallpaper. “Daddy says that one’s a …”

Sharp intake of breath from me.

“A pest.”

Phew. It could have been so much worse ….


  1. Aaahh, the old 'daisy chain' effect again. The human mind is a wonderful and startling thing. Sometimes you end up in places so odd, it's fun to go back and actually trace your thought processes.

    If you can stand someone else's kid story (like whipping out the family photos), here's my favorite 'son' comment: On a family vacation visiting friends in Ireland. The wife was still nursing their baby son. At a restaurant during lunch, she was preparing to feed him. With him on her lap, she opened her blouse and nursing bra, and popped out her breast. My then-four year old red haired twin, who had been watching this whole procedure fascinated, asked, in the expected loud and carrying voice, 'What THE HECK is THAT!!??'

    Needless to say, the adults in the group, including nursing mom, nearly pee'd, we were laughing so hard.

  2. Oh yes I like these stories!

    And it reminds me (here we go again) about one my mother tells about me. Apparently at the age of 3 I assured everyone who would listen that "Mummy feeds the new baby with her elbows!"


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