Friday, 30 March 2007

Pont du Gard circa 1987

I saw TorAa's post a few weeks ago about the Pont du Gard and it reminded me that we had some photos lurking around from about 20 years ago.

The quality isn't wonderful because I've had to scan them, but I think they show the changes that have been made since it became a World Heritage site. Interestingly, according to the Unesco site, it was adopted in 1985, and I am almost certain it was later than that when we were there.

This one clearly shows the people walking across the top with no safety measures at all.


The enlarged section below shows someone (on the extreme right) being helped to scramble up through one of the holes in the roof. Although it is wider than it perhaps looks, nothing in the world would persuade me out there.

The next one shows a car going over the bridge - I believe this too has been stopped.


As a footnote, I have been trying all morning to get the photos to show properly, only to realise after a considerable struggle, there seems to have been a problem with Flickr and not me!

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