Saturday, 21 April 2007

A multi-national wedding

My son is going to be married in June (and that's a mystery - how did he get from being my baby to being married in, umm, about ten years?)

He is British, of Italian, Scottish and Irish descent. His fiancée is French of Algerian and Egyptian descent. Attending the wedding will be family from France, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Algeria, Egypt, Canada, England, Monaco, Iran and the US. Friends could come from anywhere.

Not everyone speaks French or English.

It will be interesting.


  1. I think the key will be to make sure that there are people who can act as translators for those who can't speak English or French at each table and such! :)

  2. Hathor, thank you.

    YTSL, yes, that will be the way to handle it. My son's finacée speaks 5 languages herself so I'm sure she's thought about it :) I think they've decided not to bother with much in the way of speeches!

  3. What lovely news. I wish them every happiness (in whatever language). Hope you enjoy the day too.

  4. Congratulations - what wonderful news. International weddings are not a problem, if you don't make it a problem. Enjoy and make yourselves understood - you get very far with "international sign language". (",)

  5. A.,
    Your family's contribution to globalization?
    It will be wonderful, I'm sure.

  6. Thank you all for your good wishes. I'm quite sure we'll enjoy it - we're most certainly looking forward to it.


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