Tuesday, 10 April 2007

New cervical smear/pap test

I just learned today from docinthemachine via Dr Dork that pap smears (cervical smears in the UK) have been updated so that they will be able to detect the two most serious and common STIs, gonorrhoea and chlamydia. The test is now approved by the FDA. This has to be a huge step forward and great news because these STIs are responsible for many cases of infertility and with people delaying having children for longer and longer, the chances of becoming infertile in this way are increasing.

These pap tests are available in the US for women from the age of 18 or when sexually active, while in the UK they are not offered until the age of 25. Unfortunately in the UK women in the lower age ranges are shunning them but perhaps if the STI testing is introduced here with publicity about the dangers to fertility, they might be persuaded


  1. Just a quick correction - cervical smears are available in the UK before the age of 25, and your GP may ask you to have one (as was the case for me), but you're just not automatically prompted to get one until 25.

  2. Thanks for that Jess, I hadn't realised.


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