Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Feeling threatened

The other day we had a collapsed laptop. I called out the engineer (it was still under warranty) and he arrived at 5:30 when most staff were leaving to go home. By 7:00 pm he had put it back together again but hadn't reinstalled any of the software so I told him, no problem, I would take it home and finish it off.

He insisted on writing a note of explanation to our IT department (that's me, but he couldn't seem to comprehend that) and then left. I packed everything up and set off for one of the more distant car-parks.

I noticed a bunch of young teenagers roaming around. I drove off and then saw the rubbish skips which had been pushed across the entrance and exit to the car-park. There was no way I would be able to move them but as well there was no way was I going to leave the car, so I had to turn back to try to find a security guard.

Why is it they are always around, often with dogs, noticing missing parking permits during the daytime but in the evening when you might need them, they are nowhere to be seen?

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