Thursday, 3 May 2007

Greetings cards come of age

Some months ago (prehaps more than a year) I had to buy a card for a colleague who was retiring. He was a very active man, looking forward to doing even more with his retirement, so it was with horror that I saw the types of cards available. They all seemed to be rocking-chair-by-the-fireside types and totally unsuitable.

So today, which was otherwise unremittingly awful, there was a bright interlude when I found this card. Please take note anyone out there who wants to send me a birthday card - this is the sort of thing I want!

And here is one I am going to have to save for six months, though by that time I will have forgotten all about it and bought another which I won't like.


  1. The first one is for a good friend who enjoys life to the full! The second has to be for my husband.


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