Thursday, 24 May 2007


Yes, this time we are definitely travelling. We leave tomorrow and will arrive in our part of France some time on Saturday.

Why is it the things to be packed occupy twice the volume of the available space?


  1. Because each thing doesn't exist on it own. If I pack this sweater do I want a bracelet, scarf or earrings as accessories and do I want to wear black pants all the time. How do you select music, when you don't know what your moods will be or books? Take two CD's of each style? Its not easy.

    In my youth I had one suitcase of clothes and a footlocker with my books, records, dishes, pots,and sewing machine. When I move to another house, 9 years ago. I left a dumpster full of junk

  2. Parkinson's Law "work expands to fill the time available" suggests a parallel: "possessions expand to fill the space available and a bit more"

    Have a good trip.



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