Monday, 7 May 2007

A whole day of indulgence

I was given a day in a health spa as a birthday present some time ago and I wanted to use it before we go back to France in 10 days' time (already? I need to start preparing!). I don't really consider health spas to be my scene but I booked ahead and duly set off yesterday.

The first challenge was finding the place. It's very deep in the heart of the countryside but it's a countryside I know quite well, so I couldn't believe how long it took to find it. A few signposts wouldn't go amiss. I arrived to find that premium guests, whatever that means, can park outside the front entrance but everyone else has to go round the back. I managed to squeeze into Park D at just about the furthest limit. Not a premium guest then.
Nevertheless in spite of the inauspicious start, I enjoyed my day. I had no idea what to expect. The surroundings weren't quite as luxurious as the promotional literature would have you believe, nor the reception staff quite as professional. The thalassotherapy was fun and invigorating, the massage and facial were (surprisingly) relaxing. I also managed to fit in two swimming sessions, a brisk lakeside walk, and plenty of reading. Lunch was in a restaurant with a beautiful view overlooking the lake. The main course was very good but the pudding, always my favourite part, tasted like Instant Whip.
I am sorry to say I found I was nowhere near as fit as I used to be when I had a dog to walk all the time, so by the end of the day I was exhausted. But I slept well last night.


  1. Sorry your day didn't live up fully to the hype, but it sounds as if you had a good time anyway. A nice present!

  2. It was good, yes, thank you LR.


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