Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Cité Royale de Loches

I like Loches. It's manageable, not too large and not too busy. These pictures were taken on 19 June 2007 at about mid-day.

We've bypassed Loches many, many times on our way somewhere or other. Although our route normally does flit through some of the older parts, much of it resembles the bypass round Basingstoke. We've always noticed the signs to the mediaeval centre and this time we managed to follow them.

The gate to the chateau: the Porte Royale, leading to the extensive grounds containing the church, the Eglise St-Ours with a beautiful carved entrance and stained glass windows.

The Logis Royale is the place that Jeanne d'Arc persuaded the Dauphin to be crowned king, Charles VII. It has some beautiful tapestries and fireplaces but not much furniture.

You can then walk between some lovely old houses to the Donjon.

Inside the donjon was rather dank, but then it has been a dank summer. It does have a lovely little mediaeval garden.

As they say, it was worth the detour.


  1. Thanks for the guided tour. Can we leave a euro in your cap?

  2. Another great set of photos.I know what you mean about Basingstoke but I suppose if it were not for the ring road, the lovely old centre would have been ruined by now.

  3. Thanks for visiting St Margaret's. I love rural French towns like this one, always full of charm. The only problem we've had when visiting similar places is that they "go to bed" so early in the evening.

  4. Oh yes Dr B, a secondary income stream would go down very well!

    LR, I was once sent on a course in Basingstoke. When we left the building on the first day, two of the other people stopped when looking over the view of the concrete jungle and said wouldn't it be wonderful to work here. I said something non-committal. I found out the next day that they worked in Tower Hamlets. Everything is relative.

    Tony, my pleasure. I've always loved St Margaret's, and your photos are wonderful.


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