Sunday, 24 June 2007


Today I was going to translate a load of comments from Papillon's blog (I don't know why I find them so difficult, but I do) and I had quite a number of apparently sensible posts composed in my head , not to mention transforming our little terrace garden into Villandry in miniature.

I did manage to trim the hedge but still don't understand how I consistently fail to achieve straight lines and sharp corners. Everything I do is rounded and fluffy. Everything in Villandry looks as though it has been done with a ruler, compass and set square.

So then we decided to barbecue the sardines we had bought. Excellent, and the cat enjoyed the one that dropped on the ground as a suitable reward for protecting us from wild lizards.

Then suddenly it was 6:00 pm and people were coming round for drinks, and then suddenly it was 9:00 pm and we were admiring the sunset.

Now it is 11:00 pm. Tomorrow is another day.

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