Friday, 13 July 2007


Our dishwasher is en panne.

On Wednesday I went into the kitchen from the office to make myself a cup of tea, and found a puddle on the floor, and a code on the front of the dishwasher to tell me it was leaking. Good, I would never have guessed.

I opened the dishwasher to see if it was just the seal and the electricity went off. We reset the trip switch. We tried turning off the electricity and then opening the dishwasher door - same result. We tried to isolate it. After I had re-started the computer four times (I was attempting to be at work during all this) we left it in the state it was happiest, making rumbling noises, and rang the service people.

It was one of these "Press 1 for..." systems, but, surprise, Press 2 for anglais! Unfortunately it was also a surprise for the young lady at the other end. She assured us that someone would ring us back in 48 hours. After being told that we were leaving on Saturday which is Bastille Day, she said she would mark it as urgent.

That was 52 hours ago.

So we have something to look forward to on our return in September.

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