Tuesday, 3 July 2007


We went to a 70th birthday party on Saturday, another international event. All four corners of the UK were represented, along with France, Holland and South Africa. Although we were in France, I would say there were more Dutch people there than any one other nationality.

The subject of our son's wedding came up and the fact that his new wife is not of European descent. It's obvious from her name. I was asked where she was born.

"France." The eyebrows raised very slightly.

"So what language does she speak? Does she speak English?"

"She speaks six languages, including English, yes." The eyebrows hit their full height.

"Oh. She's educated?"

That disappoints me in so many different ways.


  1. Please do tell me that the person uttering such nonsense was over 90 years of age and thus has earned the right to be ignorant. SIGH!

  2. Sadly, no. He was a well educated man and I really did think he would know better.


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