Sunday, 22 July 2007

Recycling newspaper in 1927

When we first explored the attic of our house we found an incredible array of broken furniture, books, wine racks (containing empty bottles), pictures, documents, all sorts of luggage, and stacks upon stacks of newspapers.

In the stacks of newspapers were some supplements from "Veillées de Chaumières", dated between 1923 and 1928. They are mostly handicrafts, recipes, and household tips. In a way it's a shame the whole magazines weren't kept because they make fascinating reading. I managed to spirit these away because my magpie tendencies are rather frowned upon.

I was looking through these yesterday and found that even in 1928, they recycled newspaper: Don't throw out old newspapers, they can be very useful.

I glanced through the list of uses and one caught my eye. To translate the third paragraph:

Old newspapers can equally serve as undergarments; tacked on to fabric, they make a very comfortable lining.

You would never think that these models, on the opposite page, could be wearing newspaper undergarments. Didn't they rustle rather a lot?

So, you see, I've provided you with a recycled way of recycling, and you would never have known if I hadn't retrieved those papers from the recycling bin. My magpie ways are totally vindicated.


  1. Hmmm...I'm pro recycling newspapers and all must say that I'd definitely draw the line at using them as lining for my undergarments!!!! ;D

  2. Shelby, yes, the articles are almost all fascinating in one way or another...

    YTSL, I can't believe anyone really did that! No way would I follow that example, even though I'm all for recycling too.

  3. Je ne sais pas si ça se fait toujours, mais au moins il y a quelques années, les cyclistes du Tour de France, lorsqu'ils arrivaient aux sommets de certains cols, utilisaient des journaux (qu'ils mettaient sous leurs maillots !) pour se protéger du froid pendant les descentes.

    Meilleures salutations de Madrid, d'où je suis régulièrement votre blog depuis quelques semaines !

  4. Bonjour Pablo, est merci! Les cyclistes font le recyclage aussi!

    Je suis allée voir votre blog, et je vais explorer un peu les billets en français mais malheureusement je ne parle pas espagnol.


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