Friday, 17 August 2007

Fish farming in Malawi

The World Fish Center, whose aim is to reduce poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and aquaculture, is based in Penang in Malaysia and has projects in over 20 countries, one of which is Malawi.

There are a number of projects in Malawi which are outlined in a downloadable pdf file, all aimed at providing better nutrition and an income for smallholders by integrating fish farming with other agriculture. The fish farmers have significantly more income than others, they consume more fresh fish and as a result have a higher protein intake than other households.

About 30% of these fish farmers are women. One project is specifically aimed at developing fish farming practices which are suited to households headed by widows or orphans. They are hoping to increase income and fish consumption for them by 25%.

Another project is looking at the suitability of fish production in urban areas. Yet another focuses on breeding and improving certain species appropriate for farming.

I found out all this from following links, originally from a Google news alert, and it has led to a huge topic that I barely knew existed, apart from one brief mention in April.

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