Saturday, 4 August 2007

PhotoHunter: funky

Funky. Another hard one.

  • Having a mouldy or musty smell: funky cheese; funky cellars.

  • Having a strong, offensive, unwashed odour.

  • Music:
  • Of or relating to music that has an earthy quality reminiscent of the blues.

  • Combining elements of jazz, blues, and soul and characterized by syncopated rhythm and a heavy, repetitive bass line.

  • Slang:
  • Earthy and uncomplicated; natural.

  • Characterized by originality and modishness; unconventional.

  • Outlandishly vulgar or eccentric in a humorous or tongue-in-cheek manner; campy.

Several definitions but fortunately there is one I can do: Having a mouldy or musty smell: funky cheese; funky cellars.

We found these hats in the attic before we renovated. They may not have been in a funky cellar, but the attic was most definitely funky and the hats were musty and dusty.


The man's hat, faded, discoloured, worn and crumpled, but it was once a lovely black velvet.


The woman's hat, again crumpled and faded, made of lace, ribbons and beading. This is the back view.


And this the front.

I know nothing at all about them, age-wise or anything else. There are no labels in them. I like to imagine the couple, because I assume they were a couple, wearing these, dressed in their Sunday best. I don't suppose they were young, wearing black, but they most definitely had some style. Even funky for the time!


  1. That's a great find! Yes, funky for the time indeed. Great take on the theme. :)

  2. Amazing how many definitions there are of 'funky' - and that I only thought of 'gruelling' LOL! These hats really are beautiful pieces!! :)

  3. Very cool old hats! Two kinds of funky: musty and funky in style.

  4. Great photos. They must have been nice hats once upon a time.

  5. Those are great finds! They look like lovely and interesting hats. I'm sure they looked really great during the "prime of their lives". Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gosh.. those are historic findings. Real funky indeed. :P Happy Weekend!

  7. Cool! They look old to me. I haven't even been in my attic because of fear!! I keep hearing stuff up there; but someday I will go see what is hidden in mine.

  8. Why is it that the only things found in our loft were dust, cobwebs and an old wasp nest? Nothing half as interesting as your hats. Great photos.

  9. Oh, I bet those hats were just grand in their day!! Great find.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. Those hats must have really looked something when they were new. THey still have something about them now. Happy weekend

  11. What a fun find. I wish I had an attic with fun things to explore. I do not like to wear hats (except for sailor cap) because they smash my big ears.

  12. Those funky hats must have looked hot when it was in fashion. Great find!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  13. These finds seem interesting. They still have traces of elegance.

  14. What a neat find! Great shots! I could just imagine the smell!

  15. Sounds like you have quite the interesting attic there! ;b

  16. What an interesting find! Great idea for this week. Have a good weekend.

  17. Thank you for visiting my blog! :)

  18. My dear you've discovered treasure in your funky attic. I love them. They are actually still beautiful.
    Thanks for the visit

  19. What a neat thing to find in your attic! Too bad they can't talk as I'm sure there are some stories there to be told!

    Thank you for your visit earlier!

  20. Oh, think of all the funky things they could tell us from their "life".... What stories!

    Welcome over and se my funky spunky photos... *giggles*

  21. very nice choices for the theme! and i love that you imagine the people that wore them!

    happy saturday! thanks for stopping by!

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  23. What a fascinating find in your attic. I like to imagine who used to wear them. Excellent!

  24. I love attics! I love your finds, great choice for the theme!


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