Sunday, 19 August 2007

Problems with water again

On the first day of this month I posted about the fact that some places have too little while others have to much.

In the slightly less than three weeks since, there have been numerous instances.

And in Mauritania, where they had been praying for rain, it started on 7 August and now we hear that the subsequent flooding has produced health and sanitation problems.

In spite of the floods in western Kenya, there are also worries about the falling levels of rivers, according to IRIN. Experts believe that the cause of it is deforestation which allows the soil to be eroded so that it can no longer hold rainwater which would seep into the rivers. Instead it just evaporates, or causes flash floods. The good news is that careful management, planting 4 kilometres of trees and monitoring usage, has started to have an effect and river levels are rising again.

There are similar concerns about deforestation in Burkina Faso where a campaign to replant started on 4 August. So far 3,500 trees have been planted. The report is in French.

Back to Kenya again, to listen to a doctor in Denver, Dr Pius Kamau, who grew up in Kenya. He gives an account of how his family's small coffee plantation has dried up and failed. Interesting the contrast he draws between Starbucks springing up on every corner while his mother couldn't make ends meet on her farm producing coffee beans. And he comes full circle when he wonders how much African wildlife or how many African tribesmen are killed by his lifestyle now.


  1. This post earns thousands of readers. It's about balance.

    If you cut down a tree - who will then "eat" the outcome from your car?

    When you cut down the grass on your plain - will there be insects to enjoy your flowers and give birth to a.o tomatoes, pepper, etc

    And give a sanctuary for Toads, that eat snails and let your lettuce +++ grow?

    Have a wonderful week to come

  2. It's the same scenario in the Philippines. Some provinces were declared under state of calamity because of the dry spell. Only to rain so hard the following days. And there were flash floods everywhere. Traffic in the metropolis stood still . Businesses are affected, schools are suspended for a few days. There's a need for a clean up drive on our rivers to keep the flow of water running smoothly. Drainages need to be cleaned consistently to avoid flash floods.


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