Friday, 3 August 2007

The rape of an Iraqi woman

I hardly know how to relate this without seeming sensationalist.

As you may have noticed, I frequently read IRIN news, but normally concentrate on reports from Africa. Although it was in the Middle East section, I couldn't help but notice this awful story.

A woman's husband was captured by militants. Two days later two men came to the house and ordered her to come with them. They arrived at a house where a man told her she could save her husband's life if she had sex with him.

She felt she had to comply to save her husband, and was hit when she protested. She got through the ordeal, crying silently, and praying for forgiveness. She was taken home again.

That evening her husband re-appeared, but the story becomes doubly horrifying. He said he she was dirty, he had been forced to watch, and he would divorce her. Two days later he left home, leaving her with their three children, no job and a divorce pending.

You can find greater detail in the IRIN report.

Also from IRIN, we hear that the risks from being targeted by militants in Iraq are increasing daily for women's rights activists.


  1. I am quite often ashamed of the male sex and the the awfulness of the things some of them can do. In this case I don't know whom to despise more - the rapists and their twisted acts or the husband who presumably expected his wife to die rather than submit even to save his own sorry skin.

    I suppose we should be grateful that he didn't kill her to protect his "honour".

  2. This war is creating monsters. Rape is now common place in war. I simply can't stand this war any longer.

  3. This is absolutely appalling. I don't know who is worse. Will the opoor woman have any worthwhile life in the future. My thoughts and prayers are with her.

  4. Ah - the "religion of peace" in all its glory. :(

  5. Thank you all for your comments.

    Lapis Ruber, I seriously hope people realise not to tar everyone with the same brush. In the past I've kept very quiet about having been born in Dublin, as you may understand.

    Meeyauw, I suspect all wars make monsters of some sort. You hear the most dreadful tales from all over the world, and as you say, rape is commonplace.

    Elaine, yes, appalling is the word.

    Trinka, dreadful things have been done and continue to be done the world over in the "name" of religion, but in this case I don't think it came into it. Sadly, I think it's about the power of men over women and it seems to flourish in a situation where lawlessness prevails.


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