Sunday, 12 August 2007

To Pablo (yes, you)

Pablo has mentioned me on a Spanish blog, saying that I am just as likely to talk about gardening trivialities as about the pressures of life on women in Africa. (I think so, I don't speak Spanish.)

If I have it right, it's true enough :) I cannot dispute it. I was trying not to be "relentlessly depressing" as I think one commenter put it. And recently, even I was aware I had no good news, so what can you do but lighten up a bit ....

Pablo's blog, La solitude du coureur, là au fond, has a title which is a lovely play on words: a "coureur du fond" is a long distance runner but the "coureur, là au fond" is the runner, there at the back.

His blog is written in both Spanish and French, but I feel sure (if you're an adult) that no matter what language you speak, you will be able to get a grasp of this post. It's about a satirical magazine, whose cartoon picturing Prince Philip (not the British one) to illustrate a point about child allowances was banned by a judge.

Pablo, thank you for mentioning me.


  1. Looks rather more like our very own Prince Charles, don't you think?

  2. Meee ??!! :-) Yes, I've written more or less that in a comment where I spoke about my preferred blogs... I cannot believe you've read it! (although I am not very surprised if I think of all the tracks we let after us when we surf across the internet...!). (By the way, I am in France these days, where I've learned that gardening is never trivial! so today I'd write "gardening subtilities" rather than trivialities ;-) ). At about the same time you wrote yesterday this entry on your blog, I was sending mails to other two of my bloggeuses préférées recommending them A Changing Life —I love these coincidences! but I hope they don't think my recommendation was due to this article, after all! :-) I really adore this blog and I thank you for it (et c'est vraiment un honneur pour moi que vous me consacriez tout un billet... je ne sais plus le dire dans mon anglais défaillant !)

  3. :):)
    Pablo yes, it was the statistics that led me to it. I wondered why there were new people from Spain coming to visit, and then I found out why.
    Your English is wonderful!

    Elaine, yes that thought did cross my mind :)


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