Wednesday, 12 September 2007

A 10-year-old fortified castle

Ten years ago in the department of Yonne, in Burgundy, it was decided to build from scratch a 13th century fortified castle (un château fort) using techniques, tools and materials of the time. It isn't based on any remains, ruins or an existing building; it is an entirely new creation. They are expecting it to take 25 years in total.

Forty five artisans (quarrymen, stone masons, loggers, carpenters, tile makers, basket makers, rope makers, blacksmiths...) young people on work experience, volunteers, all are working together to increase our understanding of how castles were built. It is being built in the forest of Guédelon.

In the meantime, thousands of visitors are welcome to watch and observe the process from mid March until the beginning of November.

Fascinating, and I'd never heard about it before today. You can learn more at their own website.


  1. I don't know this part of France I have been once on holidays in Bretagne. Otherwise I only know Paris (of course) and then the north of France which is just 180 km from here.
    Thanks for your comment on my travel blog. Of course when one hear London they all think about Central London where the tourist attractions are, but there are so many nice little Londoner towns like Croydon for example. I passed through Purley but not more !

  2. That is quite amazing! How did they get funds for it?!

  3. Oh, very interesting! I love when they do things like that!

    I'll hop over and read mmore about it at once.

    ...and I'll link to this post as a Lifecruiser tips in my Friday post :-)

  4. ...even though I don't understand French myself :-)

  5. Nice to see this special chateau fort. I didn't hear about it. We learn so much on internet! Thanks A. for your visit and kind words about my poor Félix! I was very touching. Have a beautiful weekend!


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