Thursday, 13 September 2007

Evening by the river







  1. What a lovely spot and so well captured in your photos. Thanks.

  2. What a beautiful evening and how well you've captured the wonderful nature! Do we see the coming of the fall in the trees?

  3. Beautiful landscape and so green! When I see my yellow grass around the house!

  4. Strange, I was certain of the fact that I had comment this post already, butt maybe it was with that as with your email to me - it never did get here :-)

    It looks so peaceful. Love the reflections in the water too!!!!

    So, you can pick a date for your France and Mexico post from Wednesday and forward since we only have booked dates up to Tuesday.

    The Maui-posting from EvNucci will go on for a while and maybe some from Gattina too if she get the chance from Italy, butt we have no certain dates for them.

    Oh, and there will be something from Tor around/after the 23d, but nothing sure since he's having internet connection problems.

    Just let me know with a comment as soon as possible which dates you pick :-)

  5. Is this France or England? I'm unable ascribe the architecture, etc. to a specific country! :(

  6. beautiful environment! great shots as well.:)

  7. Yes it' a lovely spot, and peaceful. It's in France YTSL, and yes Renny, the trees are starting to change colour. It always makes me feel a bit sad, at the end of the summer, but the colours are so lovely.

    Claudie, you must have had a very dry summer. Ours was very wet at least at the start.

    Captain, you left your last comment on the Castle post:)

  8. Hi a. --

    Thanks for answering my question. Also, re your comment that "It always makes me feel a bit sad, at the end of the summer": I guess you really like the heat. OTOH, autumn is my favorite season. (I find summer too hot, winter too cold and spring too full of floating pollen that makes me hayfeverish!) :)

  9. YTSL, I suppose I do like the heat, but it's a long time since I've had to cope with anything other than a European summer, so it probably doesn't really compare with anything you have. I'm allergy-prone myself but I do love spring.


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