Friday, 21 September 2007

Lightly poached

I've made the decision to leave my current job. It's becoming more and more stressful as I try to keep everyone happy - and "everyone" expanded from 50ish people to 80ish just at the time when I had decided to cut my hours. I've been juggling with that for the last 3/4 years with no help and little thanks, so the time has come.

I'm moving on to work for the man I mentioned in an earlier post, which will be something of a leap of faith. It's a totally new venture and if it fails, at my age, I'm never going to find anything else.

So my notice (three months) will be going in on 1 October, so January can't come soon enough. My name will be mud because they are going through a reorganisation and they have absolutely no contingency plans for anything happening to me.

And I'll have to work for the new job, intermittantly but often enough, over the time of my notice.


  1. Hi there. Good for you - it is better to cut the ties that bind you to this present post than to carry on feeling stressed and unhappy.

    Good luck!

  2. A.,
    I think if you trust your future boss - and your earlier posts and comments indicate you do - it should be fine. Initially stressful, but fine. Sometimes, no matter what forces are pinging on you to stay put (guilt, inertia, fear...), you just have to move on.

  3. Elaine, thanks, you're right of course.
    Thanks too janeway. You've put your finger right on the "reasons" I've used in the past to stay put. I do trust him, so the adventure starts...

  4. Sounds as if you were ready for this opportunity. It still takes courage and an effort of will to "jump ship". Good Luck in the new venture.


  5. Congratulations for being so brave! but I'm sure it is the best decision for you, anyway. I wish you good luck, specially for these three months to come — I hope they will not be very hard to you.

  6. Hi a. -- As you know, I don't know how old you are. However, I like to think and trust that you're never too old to find something else if your leap of faith doesn't pay dividends. At the same time, hope you won't have to cross that bridge and, instead, that your new venture will be a fruitful one.

  7. Thank you Pablo and YTSL for you wishes.

    Ytsl, I hope you're right on both counts!


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