Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Marie Celeste

Otherwise known as the Mont St Michel, sailing from Portsmouth to Ouistreham.

We habitually take the Saturday afternoon crossing from Portsmouth so that we do the bulk of our driving in France on a Sunday when it is generally relatively quiet. We turned up in good time but were surprised to find the port relatively empty.

It never did fill up. If there were 30 cars on board, I would be surprised, and this is a ferry that can take 800. No coaches, just two small minivans with rubgy supporters, one Welsh, one Irish.

Where was everyone? There are normally more people on board even in the depths of winter. Was everyone watching the England - Israel match? Were they trying to avoid crowds of rugby supporters (who were easily identifiable by their need to carry a rugby ball everywhere, including the restaurant, but were otherwise apparently normal)?

It made for a peaceful crossing so we survived the whole uneventful journey well. It takes a day or two for us to setttle down but we're well on the way, even the cat. I just wish I'd taken a couple of days off work.


  1. Sounded like a nice boat trip though.

    Almost the feeling I get about the blogosphere lately - where is every one? Too busy?

  2. Isn't it weird how traffic patterns can only be predicted generally? I know that there are engineers and scientists that will say that's not true, but your post is at least anecdotal evidence that it is!

  3. Captain lifecruiser, yes it was a good trip. Strange, it does seem quiet lately but I've been putting it down to people getting back to work after summer. And hoping things will settle down to a more normal routine soon.

    Janeway I think everyone was taken by surprise on that one anyway. Crew members were standing around looking forlorn.


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