Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Through the garden gate


The garden started out so well this summer, but hasn't really lived up to it early promise. That heavily laden vine has no more than a handful of grapes left. All the rest have shrivelled up, just as most people round about have found too. I won't mention the pear tree (I had a little nut tree, nothing would it bear and all that... )


This last rose of summer may not look spectacular but it has the most wonderful scent.


The geraniums survived and are still flowering well, but didn't really fill out. I do believe there were some petunias somewhere.


But the fig tree in the lane beside us has a wonderful crop. I bet they disappear overnight.


  1. Oh these are beautiful photos, and remind me of when I used to holiday with friends in the Charente. If I can find them I will post some of my photos.

  2. Thanks for the nice pictures. Our roses have been lovely this year too. This recent spell of good weather has brought new blooms out also.

  3. My little piece of the US has had a terrible summer - hot and dry. The garden and even the mature trees were stressed and vulnerable to all sorts of nasty bugs.

    We've finally had a spell of rain, and some cooler weather, so things have perked up a bit.

    Your pictures are wonderful. I particularly like the shot through the door of the table and vine.

  4. Elaine, I'd love to see your photos, do post them!
    Shelby and LR, thank you both.
    Janeway, the weather seems to have been bizarre all over the world this summer. I just wish the vine looked anything like that now.


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