Tuesday, 18 September 2007

A walk around town

....in the centre of rural France, unexceptional but typical.


The church square. I believe the Tour de France went through here some years ago, when it was rapidly spruced up for the occasion. A little like the sudden face-lifts when the queen comes to visit?


The church

school tower

Down beside the church is the secondary school for ages 11-16, in a lovely building with this spiral staircase in a tower.


More or less across the road from the school is this wonderful house.


And down a side road is another house with a tower. Towers must be part of the local tradition. I want one!


Along the road to the market.


The markets in rural France are struggling a little - competition from the supermarkets.

garlic stall

A stall devoted to garlic and onions. What would anyone do with a sack of garlic? I love garlic, but that seems excessive ;)


  1. Lovely scenes! I'd like a tower too!
    You can keep peeled garlic in olive oil for ages...or until garlic-loving friends come over!

  2. I know someone who could get through a sack of garlic in short order. ps have you tried roasted garlic? It is sweet and not strongly flavoured.

  3. I enjoyed the photos, Thank you.

  4. Thanks for sharing -- the town looks so clean and idyllic! As for the garlic: Maybe the local belief is that some garlic a day -- as opposed to an apple -- keeps the doctor away? ;b

  5. Extrodinary well performed photos. I suspect this in the central north of France?

    Thanks for the tour

  6. Thanks all, I'll have to try the garlic tips.
    YTSL, it is lovely and clean, isn't it. Garlic is reputed to have healing powers, and of course to keep vampires away! Now then, I wonder....:)
    Tor, it's central, central France, depending on where you draw the line of course! South of the Loire.


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