Thursday, 18 October 2007

Combat electromagnetic pollution - with a facial spray?

Clarins have been stopped from advertising their spray, Expertise EP3, as a way of combating the aging effects of electromagnetic radiation. Italy, the UK, and now France have said that they must show proof that electromagnetic radiation will damage skin, cause it to age, and that the product will prevent the damage, if they want to continue to make such claims.

The ads, which caused the complaints, started by saying "If electromagnetic waves can penetrate walls, imagine what they can do to your skin " . The Advertising Standards Authority have found that their claims breached the clauses for substantiation, truthfulness, fear and distress.

Surprise, surprise.

Clarins are one of the manufacturers that make the amazing weight-loss products I mentioned in an earlier post: "Total Body Lift not only reduces the volume of existing fat cells but also limits the formation of new ones". "Encourages the drainage of fats" - what on earth does that mean?


  1. They probably don't know if they made a sun blocker they could use that claim.

  2. well i hope the authorities would stop more such companies which claim a lot of things that actually only work in our fantasies. unfortunately, the consumers are so easily fooled by commercials, i may be one of them too :(

  3. Chance I have to have no time to run in esthetic shops and buy the last beauty products! Never knows what can happen using the last inventions!

  4. I wonder about EMR's impact on my sleep but not on my skin. Protection from the sun is important here as it's harsh & damaging. I first thought of sunblock too.

    An Advertising Standards Authority that actually does something?! Now this was really surprising for me because in my experience of the Australian equivalent, they would not give a shit about such things. Sounds like the overseas ones have the "right sort of people" on board, it's really good to see.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. I've read the ASA findings again, hathor and aka r'aquel, and apparently they are claiming that it's the radiation from things like computers and phones that they are protecting against - artificial radiation. One of the experts against Clarins said that if phones were responsible for aging skin, you'd expect to notice more effect in the area of the ear.
    It's such a shame for a company to feel they can prey on people's anxieties in this way.

  6. the use of deo spray also leads the pollution in the environment.these type of enviroment hazardous products should be banned to avoid pollution and to save environment.

  7. Most CFC-filled aerosols were banned in the United States as long ago as 1978, and phased out voluntarily in the UK in 1989. HCFCs, too, are being phased out.


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