Sunday, 14 October 2007

Insect life

Yesterday was a glorious sunny day, so I set about tidying up the garden in preparation for leaving. I found it hard to trim things back when there are still some flowers around, like this lavender.

As I was examining it, out jumped this grasshopper on to the vine. Easily led astray, as I am, I picked up the camera and started snapping.

It flew into a bush where it was remarkably well camouflaged.

And another grashopper was making a noise about 100 times bigger than its body.

Finally a green shield bug, basking in the sun on our (one and only) pear.

Basking in the sun sounds like a good idea. Sunny and 23 degrees C here today.


  1. Great shots. I envy you your weather - 16C and cloudy here!

  2. I enjoyed the playfulness in the adventure you went on with your camera. I wish i cold hold the hands of your inner child and go giggle-skipping together as kids.

  3. Considering the size of the world it seems we are "neighbors" so we are enjoying similar weather!
    The actual meaning of that name for girls has been lost, as you pointed out, and it is still a very popular name!!

  4. Thank you all! aka r'aquel - giggle-skipping sounds just perfect:)

  5. great shots, oh that pear looks yummy :) my cat love grasshoppers, good thing they didn't land on top of our plants :)


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