Monday, 1 October 2007

A little pause, probably

Friends we were expecting to arrive mid-week for a day or two (already a week later than originally anticipated) are arriving this afternoon, perhaps for two or possibly three days. So there is a sudden whirl of activity going on in preparation.

Dinner this evening:

Salade de boudin noir
Boeuf bourguignon
Tarte aux fruits à l'ancienne (pictured below)

Almost as soon a they leave, I have to return to England for a week to see my sister who is over from Canada. We have to discuss What To Do About Mother.


  1. Is there still a possibility to have a reservation chez vous for tonight ? ;-)

    Good luck about WTDAM, at least you can share your decisions (my wife has to make hers about her mother completely alone : not always very easy...).

  2. Dinner sounds delicious and friends arriving is always nice.
    Good luck in England...

  3. Bon appetit !I love Boeuf bourguignon too !

  4. Good luck with your decision-making.

    ps that tart looks delicious

    pps, never made a black pudding salad.

  5. YUMMY! Sounds very interesting the dinner. Wish I could have some :-P

    Good luck with the Mom-talk. I know how hard it can be....

  6. 'boudin noir' is black pudding (gulp) salad? Wow. Things really do sound better in French.

    And I echo other commenters - good luck to you and your sister in deciding WTDAM.

  7. Pablo, if only I'd known earlier - of course :) I feel for your wife, the decisions are hard enough even sharing.

    .:mar, gattina, elaine (good to see you back) and captain lifecruiser, thanks to you all.

    janeway :) a rose by any other name would smell as sweet! Black pudding aka boudin noir is delicious though obviously they vary in quality. If the US didn't have such stringent regulations I'd send you some - count yourself lucky!

    And thank you all for your good wishes about my mother.

  8. a.,
    It wasn't the blood pudding part of the equation that had me gulping. My father was Irish and I've had lots of blood pudding (although he called it 'black pudding'). I just can't envision it in a salad!

  9. sorry, messed that up - my dad called it blood pudding. Long day.

  10. Ireland was where I learnt to love black pudding janeway :) and white pudding too, though less so. It's good in a salad - served warm, rather like salade de gesiers which is another of my favourites.


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