Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Scary ......

..... the way your past can come back and bite you. Taken during Rag Week in the late 60s, yes, it does include me, and my future husband was there too. The costumes were "kindly" designed by an art student with an evil sense of humour.

I'm somewhat relieved to see that they did similar things even in 1936, though I grant you they looked less silly.


  1. lol :)
    Great to see some aunty's teen photos...... By the way.... Im in India.... so do u have problem in sending me the book.....?

  2. No, no problem at all sending to India

  3. Remarkable what we to for a good cause. Nice memory and special "costumes" - from the early space age. (and also fun to see the costimes from the 30ies)

    PS. I'v posted referring to your former post. As I think The Tropical Legumes project is very important.

  4. OK - pardon my cultural insufficiency, but what's a Rag Week?

  5. Tor, you're exactly right, it is remarkable. And many thanks for the link.

    janeway, I wasn't sure how international the term was, clearly not very.

    Rag Week is a tradition in universities, at least in the UK and I think in some other European countries, consisting of a week spent raising money for good causes. It's called various things at different universities: Panto, Carnival, and it's largely an excuse for doing ridiculous things. I suspect it is dying out as there are now several national events which do the same thing - Children in Need, Red Nose Day etc.

  6. Oh this is even better...Red Nose Day? A day when everyone celebrates having a cold?

  7. Red Nose Day also known as Comic Relief. The red nose is supposed to represent a clown's red nose, and yes, people go around wearing plastic red noses. Some people do. One year they had noses for your car, perhaps they still do. I've succeeded in being out of the country when it happens for some time now. That's where the relief comes in :)

  8. I love it! *screams like a girl!*


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