Friday, 2 November 2007

EDEN European Destinations of Excellence

EDEN is a pilot project run by the European Union to promote the variety and diversity of European tourist destinations, especially where the growth is pursued in a way that will ensure the social, cultural and environmental sustainability of tourism.

For the year 2006 the theme was "Best emerging destinations", the winners being:

  • Pielachtal in Austria, offering culture, nature, way of life, handicrafts and specialty foods
  • Durby in Belgium, dating from the Middle Ages
  • Sveti Martin na Muri in Croatia where the local heritage has been preserved
  • Troodos in Cyprus, which has nine Byzantine churches included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites
  • Florina in Greece, a mountain town in the north
  • Ors├ęg in Hungary, the only region in Hungary where residents have continuously been living in the same place
  • Clonakilty in Ireland, a seaside town
  • Specchia in Italy, where the centre is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Salento
  • Kuldiga in Latvia, a well preserved town with a traditional atmosphere
  • Nadur in Malta, considered to be Gozo's second town, it also includes a coastal area.
The theme for next year will be "tourism and local intangible heritage".


  1. btw, your book arrived today, will read it (if I can) when I have finished the one I'm on, and blog about it! many thanks.

  2. Elaine - is that 'Things fall apart'?

  3. Glad it arrived safely Elaine. The others I posted on the same day haven't, so I was starting to worry.

    j, no, Elaine's one was Fred Vargas, Sans feu ni lieu. I take it yours hasn't arrived yet. I suppose I ought to give it a few more days, given the international nature of the transaction:)


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