Thursday, 15 November 2007

I can never forget the pain

Another woman who suffered FGM as a child is campaigning against the practice in her own country. Nhima Cisse, now a women’s rights advocate, was elected to parliament in Guinea Bissau in 2005.

She tells of her experience at the age of eight, and how it continues to influence her life. She lost her first child after 24 hours and she herself suffered haemorrhaging which resulted in a hospital stay of almost three weeks. Three subsequent babies survived, thanks to being able to have them in hospitals abroad.

She herself still suffers considerable pain, in spite of operations to reduce the scarring.

Ms. Cisse is committed to continuing to fight for FGM/C. “I am not afraid,” she says. “I will do whatever it takes to have this traumatizing practice stop. This razor blade caused more than physical wounds in a woman’s life.”

More details in the UNICEF report.

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