Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Anyone going through Papillon’s blog will see from the comments that her story has resonated with many people who have had different experiences. One person, Little Ms Dalu, a Sudanese student in America, has written a very compelling post on this subject and how she has identified with a lot of what Papillon has been through: "her writings speak to me and give me some comfort and I feel less alone".

That particular article was primarily about “Body and Soul” but another one I know many women relate to is “The Great Femininity Mystery”. I know I do. I spent miserable times when I was young thinking I wasn't up to the standard I saw as a requirement of femininity, primarily long-STRAIGHT-blonde-hair. I know, it seems ridiculous now and I have come to realise that femininity comes from within and not from external props.

Anyway, I’d like to join with Ms Dalu in thanking Papillon for her articulate and honest writing.


  1. I totally agree with Ms Salu in "I believe female genital mutilation is an act of violence against a woman's sexuality". These are very compelling posts, it is important to listen to these women and stop this horrible "tradition".
    Thanks for sharing, A.

  2. I don't know what to say here, a. Of course I had heard of female genital mutilation and was horrified, but this article by Papillon was so moving. I wish her well in her growth.

    As for you a. I think all of us feel that we fail to meet a perceived norm of beauty or even sufficient for acceptance. For you, it was your hair, for me it was a divergent squint and spectacles.

    Neither of these come even close to genital mutilation.

  3. Thanks mar, you're right, it's important to listen

    Elaine, thanks too. I wasn't intending to sound as though I thought perceptions of femininity were in any way close to problems resulting from FGM. I was really trying to demonstrate that although Papillon's posts all centred around FGM, nevertheless there are many aspects which have relevence to all of us. She is an exceptional writer I feel.

  4. I just agree with Mar's comment. For me it's just unthinkable how this could still be part of peoples lives when we're supposed to be such a modern society!


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