Saturday, 3 November 2007


The Worldmapper site consists of a fascinating collection of maps, showing countries, not in their normal shapes and sizes which depend on the area of land, but on numbers of populations, numbers in schools, deaths from various causes.

The National Geographic has reproduced some of the maps in pairs, which illustrates very starkly the differences between rich and poor countries. For example in the HIV/AIDS map you can see how enormously inflated the death rate is in Africa is compared with the rest of the world. Although different countries within Africa are involved, the War Deaths map also shows Africa's very inflated death rate. Contrast those, though, with the Lung Cancer map which shows a very different distribution.

There are 366 different maps on Worldmapper, showing almost anything you care to think of, from adult literacy rates, through forest depletion, to internet use. Well worth a visit.


  1. This is very interesting- thanks a lot. I have to show this to my husband, he loves maps of all sorts and more with such descriptions.

  2. Great maps! Very interesting, I'll have to keep it among my favorites.

  3. I'm so glad you found them interesting vlad&toni and Captain. I sat and played with them for hours:)


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