Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Perpignan - the very first energy positive city in Europe

skyline Perpignan

Photo from jordillar_fotos on Flickr. Creative Commons Licence

Perpignan has signed an agreement, in the presence of the Minister for Ecology and Sustainable Development, which will encourage a decrease in energy consumption along with the expansion of renewable sources of energy - wind power and photovoltaic solar power. It will allow Perpignan to produce more energy than it consumes.

Mediterranean coast PerpignanPhoto from Zoonie on Flickr. Creative Commons Licence.

There will be a wind farm consisting of 40 wind turbines, and three solar power stations. Public buildings will be equipped with solar panels like the ones on the 70,000 square metres of roof covering the St Charles fruit and vegetable market. Existing buildings will be renovated following low consumption standards with a view to meeting 50KWh/m2 per year. At the moment very few will fall below 100 KWh/m2 a year. Finally, an incinerator will produce heat from waste.

It is expected that all residential needs will be covered by the plans. For the time being, industrial consumption is not included.

The wind farm should produce 70% of the power, 11% from the roof panels, 10% from the solar power stations and the rest from the waste incinerator. It is expected that the works will take at least 2 years to complete. Any surplus energy will be bought by the electricity company EDF at a better rate than for other electricity.

From Développement Durable le journal

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  1. Very interesting and positive for our tiny planet.

    In Norway allmost all power consumptions used to come from Hydro Electric Power Plants - until some years ago.
    You know, we still have waterfalls, not used for powerplants, due to different protest and environmet protection groups.
    Well, I can't understand wind-mills are a better alternative for nature and wildlife protection. Sea Birds are killed in hundreds, and even the protected Sea Eagles on their nesting Islands.

    There are several other solutions. I say no more here. But I do think even in Perpignan, a charming City, they can drill down and use the potensial of Earth Warming and Solar Energy


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