Wednesday, 20 February 2008

La Défense de l'environnement

La Défense, the business district in Paris, is well known for its superb modern architecture. There are plans for a new building, the Carpe Diem tower, which will be built to the highest environmental standards, with a green roof and surfaces covered by solar panels. The designers expect a 30% reduction in energy use.

modern architecture at la Défense

Photo by Flickr user John Cohen. Creative Commons Licence.

The tower, designed by Stern Architects of New York, will have a winter garden at its base and roof garden terraces at the top. Solar panels will provide hot water and windows will be protected from the sun to reduce any necessity for air-conditioning. The building will have natural ventilation, systems for the recovery of soapy water and rain water, and low-consumption lighting.

Tout Total at La Défense

Photo by Flickr user Co1nco1n. Creative Commons licence.

For heating, the building will be part of the La Défense network but it's hoped that there will be little need, as a result of heat produced by computers etc. Two of the four sides of the building will be inclined in such a way as to optimise the use of natural daylight.

Source (in French) Développement durable le journal , with an artist's impression of the building.
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  1. I enjoy the new environmental buildings projects. Hoping all people could have the possibility to discover these new technologies.

  2. Oh dear, I can tell uou from "Nouvelle Manhatten". When we had do enter at story 22-26 by an outside lift. I was there in the 70'ies. Constraste to Rivoli and Haussman.

    Thats change, which we have to take seroius

  3. I like this stuff...both green and stylish, really my kind of place :-)


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