Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall

The story of this mirror goes back quite a long way. I think it must be tired of life.

My father-in-law rescued it from his workplace because it was going to be thrown away. It moved house with my in-laws at least three times and survived its eventual journey to France with us. This is it just after arrival and partially unpacked from its protective layers.

We put it up on one wall, changed our minds, and moved it to another. That was three years ago.

Underneath we put a small cupboard and on that a glass jar which we thought looked rather attractive in reflection in the mirror.

Last September we arrived back in France, settled in happily and went about our usual everyday business. After perhaps a couple of weeks I asked my husband why he had taken the mirror off the wall.

He hadn't, but it was resting on the cupboard and against the wall with nothing else disturbed, not even the glass jar. We asked the people who look after the place while we are away, but no, they'd noticed it, and wondered, and apparently thought no more about it.

Eventually we spotted the fixings which had fallen down behind the cupboard but we remained mystified as to how it had managed to come adrift and slide down so gently. Whatever the reason, we shrugged and had it replaced with a different method which caused it to lean out from the wall. We knew this meant it would fall forward if it came loose again, but it seemed a better bet than using the old fixings.

So tonight we had a phone call from France.

"You know that mirror?"

Oh no.

But it had been found in exactly the same position, on the cupboard, against the wall with nothing else disturbed.

So do we have a mirror with a mind of its own? Does it want to go back to the UK? Or do we have a poltergeist?


  1. That is a lovely mirror. I like large mirrors beinga vain person that I am, I usually check the mirror most of the time

  2. Has to be a poltergeist!.

    Beautiful old mirror. I have one which belonged to my late aunt (she was born in 1895, so it could be at least that age, maybe older if it was passed on to her. I have it in a place that does not show it off to best advantage, but each time I leave the living room to go out I check my hair in it and think of my aunt.

  3. A mirror with a mind of its own! Clearly a survivor. LR

  4. Oh, lovely ghost mirror... *giggles*

    How weird! It seems to be quite heavy so I really don't understand how this can be without a scratch.

    I had a similar mirror (but without ghosts) which we sold in our last cleaning up project.

    I love those kind of big old mirrors. Reminds me of the glamour at the 18th century here in Sweden, which I love.

  5. Wow! I love that story! I'd never want to know so the mystery would always remain!

  6. This is down right strange. A story well told though.


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