Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Scientific tourism

After eco-tourism, a French tour operator Escursia has teamed up with the Fondation Nicholas Hulot (FNH), to offer holidays aimed at a better understanding of nature from a scientific point of view. The Nicolas Hulot Foundation actively seeks to improve the general public's understanding of the ecological state of the planet and raise awareness of the importance of environmental preservation.

old sailing boat

Photo by Flickr user Drewhound. Creative Commons licence.

The holidays offered will involve sailing on the Fleur de Lampoul, a restored sailing boat from Brittany and used as an educational ship by the FNH. The holiday makers will be able to help sail and maintain the ship, while learning about the marine ecosystems and preserving the coasts. Holidays can last anything from 4 to 15 days, sailing along the French, Spanish or Portuguese coasts.

I first thought scientific tourism sounded a little off-putting but in reality it means an activity holiday with an interest in nature and the environment. Looking at the other destinations that Escursia offers, they really are quite appealing. They aim to attract the general public looking for original and different holidays. No need for any prior knowledge, just sufficient curiosity!

I'd love to try one of the shorter breaks to see if we like it. The nearest we've been was canoeing down the Ard├Ęche which issn't quite the same. I tend to like my home comforts, though I don't suppose they need be mutually exclusive.


  1. I enjoy all possibilities to better know our nature and protect our environnement. This tourism seems very interesting! Hoping, the politics will go on the same way than him!

  2. It does sound interesting doesn't it Claudie. I'd like to try some of their weekend trips.

  3. Oh, I'm game :D
    That sounds cool!

  4. It really is a different and increadible experience, it's great to see that people tend to experience different types of tourism, especially this environmental aware products!
    There are some interresting companies starting this kind of services, in portugal you can find www.ecoceanus.com, where you can raise your awareness by being inside a conservation project!
    Check it out!


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