Saturday, 22 March 2008

World Water Day

Today, World Water Day, will be the first showing of Ali Hobbs film, To Begin. It tells the story of the women in Ethiopia who have to collect water every day for their families.

women collecting water from reservoir

Photo from Flickr user gordontour. Creative Commons licence.

66% of the rural population in Jarso, southern Ethiopia, are still using unsafe water from rivers and ponds, and it is women and girls who are responsible for fetching the water.

It takes anything from 30 minutes to four hours to make the round trip with a wait of up to 50 minutes to fill the container. The film shows the women as they tell their stories.

Part of the film can be seen on The Guardian website. I urge you to watch it and then visit WaterAid to see their work to help.

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  1. This is such an important issue world wide and seeing the situation in Ethiopia puts a lot of issues into perspective. Thanks for pointing us to WaterAid and the work they are doing. I have seen documentaries in the past about some of these issues but haven't recently so I am glad you reminded me of it.


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