Sunday, 6 April 2008


These photos were taken, in this order, over the last 24 hours.

cherry blossom in sunshine

Cherry blossom in yesterday's sun.

cherry blossom in snow

Cherry blossom in this morning's snow.

chapel in snow

Winchester College chapel in this morning's snow.

chapel in sunshine

Winchester College chapel in this afternoon's sun.

The weather has been a little changeable to say the least.


  1. I love the 4th picture. The church looks really nice. It almost seems to be radiant in the sunlight.

    We have snow here, too, at 7PM-ish.

  2. I have a similar set of pictures. A set I took yesterday, and a set I took this morning. Man, it snowed!

  3. It certainly is crazy weather, I had high hopes for the weekend on Friday as it was wonderfully mild...

  4. The quick weather change reminds me of Vancouver -- we can have 4 seasons in one day. :)

    Beautiful pictures, btw!

  5. Hello A. Your weather is even crazier today than ours. Thanks for your funny flag comment too this morning. I think your pictures are very nice and interesting. I liked your Amsterdam pics. Do you have any more? Have a good day. Smiles 4U. :)

  6. I like the "Before and After" story your pictures tell. I just posted some snow pictures as it is so unusual in this part of the world.

  7. Nice pictures A, and interesting weather - in April!!

  8. What a wonderful weather report - well documented with very good pictures!

    We've had the same changing weather in Oslo, Norway this weekend too: Saturday I was visiting a friend and we where sitting on his balcony enjoying the sun with very little clothes and cold beer.
    Sunday it was cold and raining (sometimes even a bit of snow).
    Changeable weather one can say!

    Btw: Thanks for your contribution in your comment on my April Fool's post - very interesting read!

  9. It's all going mad, snow all gone now just loads of rain...

  10. @grateful guy, yes that church quite often looks like that. It catches the afternoon/evening sun in a great way.
    @Tina - I've been to see your photos!
    @ladybanana, crazy is right
    @joy, I've heard Vancouver has weather more similar to the UK, but 4 in one day!!
    @Relax Max, yes, yes, I'll do the Amsterdam pics :)
    @Lapis Ruber, I saw your snow photos, you had quite a lot more than we did.
    @Magnus, thanks, though not as spectacular as your icebergs!
    @Renny, mmmm, I've been to TorAA's Mirror and seen you in very little clothes:)
    @Mark, mad, all mad! We didn't get much rain, thankfully
    @Rebecca, wild is right.


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