Thursday, 17 April 2008

Credit where it is due

People in the UK very frequently run down the National Health Service (NHS) and we hear all sorts of horror stories about the treatment patients have received.

I feel the need to redress the balance a little, because my mother has had wonderful attention and care since the beginning of her illness, both at home and after she had to move into a nursing home.

Today they told us her nursing home fees will be covered in full, back dated to mid March. I had no idea there was this provision available, and quite honestly it will be a huge weight off our minds.

It's been a hard time for us, but it could have been so much worse without the support we have had. Admittedly we are only a single instance, but that is our experience so far.

Oh, and we've just heard from neighbours in France - one of them had to be rushed into hospital with a suspected stroke, and he was left on a trolley in a corridor for 3+ hours. France's health service is often said to be one of the best but bad things happen there too.

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  1. Nice your mother is better now and received good treatment. Urgences in France are often an horror in big hospitals. I knew the problem for my mother. My friend Sophie has been saved at the hospital of Marseille when the Doctor of a private clinic didn't find how to save her and made misstakes with her health. Each person has her own experience and sometimes it is better at the clinic or it can be better at hospital with a famous health specialist. Touchons du bois pour rester en bonne santé!


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