Friday, 11 April 2008

It's criminal

Photo by Flickr user mondoagogo. Creative Commons licence.

The European Parliament is considering a directive that will make it a criminal offence to damage the environment.

Among the offences could be:

  • Emission of radiation
  • Dumping rubbish
  • Trading in protected species
  • Production or emission of substances that damage the ozone layer
  • Unauthorised storage of nuclear material.

You'd have thought several, if not all, of those would already be illegal, no?


  1. Well, you'd think they'd be illegal, but who would these laws affect? Big business and HM Government.

    And suddenly it all makes sense... :D

  2. One should think that most were already illegal, yes.

    It's like grateful guy thinks it is, I guess.... :(

  3. I think some people are still late with the way to protect the environment. As teachers, we do the best we can to sensibilise our pupils with the problem. It is very sad when we discover such place ...

  4. @Grateful Guy and @Nicole, I think you have a point.
    @Claudie, I think it's adults who need the education. Children are much more receptive to ideas.


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