Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Et voilà

The house across the river, completely surrounded by water.

The field directly across the river from our house.

The same view last July. I was trying to catch the reflections at the time but it does show the difference very well.


  1. Oh boy, flooding always looks so pretty, but is so dangerous. I do hope your house is all right - and that your home is not isolated by water.

  2. Isn't Hampshire weather wonderful. I felt so sorry for all those campers in the New Forest who were washed out and had to abandon their holiday. Hope you weren't flooded. Here we seem to have avoided any floods although the lake on the Heath is full to overflowing.

  3. Your shots are beautiful, a flood is not...
    I recognize the trees so one can tell the difference from last July.

  4. Your pictures are beautiful! They are supposed ot show how bad the flooding is, but when I look at them all I can think is how beautiful they are.

  5. Ooops! I do hope that you've stayed dry :-)

    Looks a bit worrying....

    Strange how the weather has ben the last couple of years and it's going to be worse in the future. Kind of scary.

  6. And they talk about water shortages! But then I guess that's the wrong kind of

  7. It looks so beautiful where you live. I hope the water is starting to recede now.

  8. It is quite sad to see what appears to be a beautiful part of the world devastated in such a way. I do suppose Mother Nature will have her own way. Great photos.

  9. Wow, that's a big flood. I hope everything is okay. :)

  10. @Elaine, yes thanks, we are well above the river level. The photos are mostly taken from our ground floor or garden.

    @LR I heard the weather was appalling in Hampshire, but this is us back in France. Thought we'd escaped unnoticed :)

    @Mar, thanks. The river was almost at its lowest last July hence the great contrast.

    @Sugarmag, you are very kind to say that :)

    @Lifecruiser, yes we're fine but other people aren't - the firemen have been out in force.

    @Ladybanana, yes, looking forward to a hosepipe ban in a few months!

    @Daisy, yes the water is much lower again, though still not where it should be.

    @Sailor, yes there is some devastation, but it will recover in time.

    @Anabellster, thanks, yes everything is OK.


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