Friday, 27 June 2008

The climber(s)

No, indeed, you are not supposed to be up there!

He pushed the windows apart that you can see behind him, just enough to get out. It was quite interesting to see him go into reverse to get back in.


  1. Aww I guess it's a good place to watch the world from!

  2. What a pretty kitty. Your blog is making it famous, too!

  3. @Ladybanana, it's also a good way of giving his owner a heart attack!
    @Max, famous or infamous? Handsome is as handsome does. :) He's a little toe-rag.

  4. The photographer was in the right spot at the right time. A nice photo.

  5. Our 18month old tom is agile enough to leap from the gate post to the upstairs windowsill via a tree, BUT can't get back down unless we open the window for him - scary as it opens outwards. He hasn't learned to stop doing it yet, despite once being stuck up there for a weekend - we were away and the neighbour, having been told all three cats were out didn't register that she'd have to use the house keys to let him in then out again.


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