Friday, 6 June 2008

Down our way

Overhead lamp with valerian growing around it.

Close up of the valerian. I'm not sure which part is used in the tea, which is very popular here.

Baby apples

Elderflower, beautifully scented.

Figs. They've cut down most of the tree which seems a shame, but it does give us a better view of the river. And the figs are tasteless.

Walnuts, looking very similar to figs, both the leaves and the fruit while still green.

All this just walking from our back door down to the river.


  1. It's the root that is used. I believe it was Galen who described it as smelling of goat. :D

  2. First time I see a walnut tree. You are so blessed to live in such a lovely neighbourhood. We have lots of greenery in Singapore but just flowering plants, very few fruit trees are found in the public areas.

    Thanks for your prayers for my son's recovery. He's home from the hospital. We are relieved to know the cause of his abdominal pains and that it is not life-threatening.

    Happy weekend!

  3. I have to say the same. After years of eating walnuts, I have never seen them on the tree. Great photos.

  4. You know some of this looks very exotic to a Norwegian - like Walnuts (never seen them on trees as fruits), as I love to see on the Christmas sweet table :-)

  5. @Solomon, well thanks for that! I don't think I'll try it!
    @eastcoastlife, I am indeed blessed. I am so very pleased to hear your son is all right.
    @sailor, interesting, I would have thought you would have walnut trees in your part of the world.
    @Renny, I can believe that. I don't think walnut trees would survive in Norway. But you do have other wonderful delicacies.


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